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9/7 Master Sommelier Larry Stone


Larry Stone, MS is the “Jeraboam” of wine knowledge. One #SommChat is certainly not enough and some of his comments we just can’t bring ourselves to condense into 140 twitter characters. See below for a very special and inspiring comment from Larry Stone before you begin reading the archive of the one hour #SommChat session on 9/7/2011.

Q: You’ve served as a mentor for so many rising sommeliers – who was your mentor?

Larry Stone: When I began there weren’t any mentors like we have today. I was encouraged by many people I met along the way. But I began by being exposed to food and wine at home at an early age. My father worked at the Pike Place Market. My mother grew up on a farm in Romania and learned how to cook French and Viennese specialities. I made vinaigrettes by the age of six. My mother taught me how to make pate a choux when I was seven. I learned how to make stock, and the classic sauces, like Hollandaise, Bearnaise, Choron, Mornay, Beurre Blanc and of course how to make roux and Veloute. Our neighbors had a daughter older than me, Gretchen Mathers, who studied cooking and we spoke about Julia Child when I was still in Junior High (Middle School). She became a very successful restaurateur and caterer in Seattle. After reading Maynard Amerine’s book about Wine, I also made “wine” at home in 15 gallon carboys from fruit concentrate and a balling saccharometer to measure the specific gravity of the must, checking the pH with litmus paper. I later made whiskey in a school lab. While studying in Vienna, my uncle Dolli and Aunt Finni introduced me to black truffles, lobster, Topfenknoedel, Porcini, Steak Tartare, and real Chablis, Gruner Veltliner, Chambertin and old Chateauneuf du Pape. These were huge revelations. It began the obsession. I must thank my girlfriend at the time, Anita Ruth, who encouraged me to read Alexis Lichine’s Encyclopedia (which I may have nearly memorized) and to buy the good wines, occasionally. A wineshop owner, Jerry Banchero of Mondo Vino encouraged me to visit wineries in the region and in Napa Valley, when I first met Al and Boots Brounstein in 1981. Darryl Corti was the first to really encourage me to go to wine judgings like the LA County Fair where I met a lot of experienced restaurateurs and professors from UC Davis, like Krunke and Olmo. I met and tasted with Andre Tchelistcheff at Ste. Michelle at the invitation of Alan Shoup (and got to meet Dmitri and Dorothy). As a judge at the Enological Society of the Northwest I sat at a table on more than one occasion with Angelo Pellegrino and his wife, Virginia. Just being in the presence of a man of letters and such sensibilities as I had learned from my own family was inspirational.

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Welcome to #SommChat everyone! Tell your friends to join us to learn about #wine from a renowned wine legend for the next hour! #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): We’d like to introduce you to Master #Sommelier Larry Stone (tweeting from @ELVwines). #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Larry has a wealth of #wine wisdom that 1 hr can’t even begin to scratch the surface of, but we’re sure gonna try! @ELVwines #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Though @ELVwines is ready to answer any Qs, he’s already prepared answers that’ll BLOW YOU AWAY for a few Qs we sent early this wk #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Some of you may just want to sit back and enjoy (& RT!) the ride – there is some great stuff ahead! #SommChat

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@jennanorth (Jenna North): A great #WW #SommChat RT @keepercoll We’d like to introduce you to Master #Sommelier Larry Stone (tweeting from @ELVwines).

@SommelierChall (Sommelier Challenge): Hello to Master #Sommelier Larry Stone from @ELVwines. #SommChat

@i_on_food_drink (Irene L): Hi from sunny Vancouver, BC Canada Larry @ELVwines – we met during FFC times #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @i_on_food_drink @keepercoll great to chat with you today! #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): Great to be here with everyone…look forward to your questions! #SommChat

@VinoCaPisco (Countess Rose Perry): .@elvwines Who in the US makes the best Pinot Noir? Oregon or Washington? & do you prefer domestic or Chablis Chardonnay? #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @VinoCaPisco @keepercoll That is easy, WA does not make a lot of pinot and OR is more of a burgundian style. #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @VinoCaPisco@keepercoll. I like both types for different foods and different moods… #SommChat

@tricerapops (Jesse): @ELVwines – Do you miss anything about being a sommelier? #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@tricerapops @keepercoll I think the #sommelier has the best job in the world. It is not an easy life, but it has many rewards #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@tricerapops @KeeperColl You can choose any #wine you like & can see response of customers to your selection immediately #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@tricerapops @KeeperColl Working with ELV on the other hand is a dream come true #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@tricerapops @KeeperColl To be able to work with Dominique Lafon, Christophe Vial & Isabelle Meunier is amazing #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@tricerapops @keepercoll I have long been a fan of the Lafon family, even before Dominique became involved in the business… #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@tricerapops …having visited his father @ the winery & also starting w/ #wines from the ’70s, such as ’78 & ’79 Meursault #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@tricerapops @KeeperColl I even recommended & sold Lafon Montrachet ’78 to Gregory Peck when I was working @FSSeattle #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@tricerapops @KeeperColl Having a connection w/ Oregon too is amazing to me since I grew up in Seattle… #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@tricerapops …I tasted the 1st important Oregon #wines like ’75 Eyrie South Block as current vtg & judged Charles Coury wines… #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@tricerapops …had 1st vtgs Adelsheim 7 Springs Vyd Pinot, when we questioned if Oregon could produce consistent Pinot Noir #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@tricerapops @KeeperColl So to be a part of this historic venture in #Oregon and #Burgundy is simply unreal to me #SommChat

@tricerapops (Jesse): @elvwines – awesome. thanks for the response! #SommChat

@TexasWineGuy (William): @elvwines lieux-dits vs climats in Burgundy? What are major differences? #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @TexasWineGuy @keepercoll No, there are no major difference, same idea expressed differently #SommChat

@MattReiser (Matt Reiser): @TexasWineGuy great question! #SommChat

@YNchick (Jaclyn Stuart CS): Delivering for Meals on Wheels today, so I’ll be missing #SommChat, but looking forward to reading the archived questions later.

@VinoCaPisco (Countess Rose Perry): .@elvwines I love Petit Verdot. Why do you think it’s used mostly as just a blending grape? #SommChat cc @keepercoll

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@VinoCaPisco @keepercoll It has great color – tastes like blackberries. I love it too #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@VinoCaPisco @keepercoll In #bordeaux they grow Petit Verdot mainly for color bc it rarely gets fully ripe #SommChat

@vinoman23 (Cameron Russell): Larry, this is Cameron (Nobhill-LV, Los Angeles) Are you going to do any of your luncheons blinding ELV against Burgundy? #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @vinoman23 @keepercoll we do it all the time, we taste our ELV burgundy wines against our ELV OR and ELV CA.. #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @vinoman23 @keepercoll….we just signed a lease on a winery in Meursault #SommChat

@JDewps (Jessica Dupuy): #SommChat I’m participating distantly! I’m in a meeting but following the chat.

@tuckb (Tuck Beckstoffer): Greetings from Napa Valley, larry #SommChat

@tuckb (Tuck Beckstoffer): Tuck Beckstoffer here. #SommChat

@tuckb (Tuck Beckstoffer): Hello everyone. #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @tuckb @keepercoll…say hi to your dad for me! #SommChat

@tuckb (Tuck Beckstoffer): @elvwines @tuckb @keepercoll Will do! #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): Checking in! Did I miss anything? #SommChat

@i_on_food_drink (Irene L): Hey Wine Friends! -#SommChat with Larry Stone! – Follow along

@i_on_food_drink (Irene L): @ZWineNinja #SommChat with Larry Stone!

@TexasWineGuy (William): @elvwines @keepercoll is Bourgogne Blanc from Domaine Comte de Vogue truly declassifed Musigny Blanc? Or an expensive Bourg Blanc? #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@TexasWineGuy @keepercoll It is truly declassified Musigny Blanc… usually (that’s the official story – final answer) #SommChat

@wolfeswines (Jeffrey Wolfe): #SommChat @keepercoll @elvwines what make the call to use stems or not for balanced pinot? what are the questions a winemaker asks?

@theleftoverchef (Loren Root): great q! RT @wolfeswines: #SommChat @elvwines what make the call to use stems or not for balanced pinot? what are the q’s a winemaker asks?

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@wolfeswines @keepercoll Short answer is personal pref for taste, for texture (rough/smooth), & also the vtg (ripe/green stems) #SommChat

@wolfeswines (Jeffrey Wolfe): @elvwines how often and how much at ELV? As for ripe stems…thanks much #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@wolfeswines @KeeperColl In #Burgundy Dominique does not use any whole cluster. Christophe will use whole cluster on some lots… #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@wolfeswines @keepercoll In Oregon our Blue, Silv., & Gold wines, all destemmed bc Dominique is directly responsible for those #SommChat

@wolfeswines (Jeffrey Wolfe): Many thanks Larry @elvwines @keepercoll #SommChat, still confused about stems but do love me my burgs cc:@whiteburgchic

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@wolfeswines @KeeperColl For Red Queen, Christophe & Isabelle do use some stems – that’s their thing #SommChat

@Sassodoro (Sassodoro): Coming late to #SommChat & can’t stay long. I’ll try to keep up & read what I miss later.

@trouty (Jon Troutman): @elvwines what has been the biggest noticeable change in fine dining & wine service since your days at Trotter’s? #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@trouty @KeeperColl It has changed so fundamentally it would take an entire essay to describe what has happened… #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@trouty @KeeperColl Suffice it to say that the public has changed fundamentally too…. #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@trouty When I began no 1 knew what a Somm was. If you told them, they wondered how you could make a living or have career #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@trouty Wine lists were ltd & poor in selection- Even the best #wines were mistreated in transport & hard 2 find undamaged #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@trouty @KeeperColl Today there are websites and bulletin boards that have thousands of adherents #SommChat

@wolfeswines (Jeffrey Wolfe): Not sure for the better…RT @elvwines: .@trouty @KeeperColl Suffice it to say that the public has changed fundamentally too…. #SommChat

@trouty (Jon Troutman): @elvwines @keepercoll Thank you for thoughtful responses, Larry. Your career has set an aspirational benchmark for myself &others #SommChat

@tuckb (Tuck Beckstoffer): @elvwines @tuckb @keepercoll Am I ever going to be able to get on the EL list?? Geez! #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @tuckb @elvwines @keepercoll. Keep watching our ELV website, tasting room in Lompoc and Salem and or facebook…. #SommChat

@fernandobeteta (Fernando Beteta, MS): @elvwines Hi Larry, what is ELV up to? #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @fernandobeteta@keepercoll. We r harvesting in Burg now in our new winery in Meursault, Veraison in OR and will start in CA nxt wk #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): Only @twitter could limit Larry Stone to 140 charachters! @elvwines #amazingfeat #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): “@drewhendricksms: Only @twitter could limit Larry Stone to 140 charachters! @elvwines #amazingfeat #SommChat” too funny

@travisgoff (travis goff): Cruel and Unusual Punishment! RT @drewhendricksms: Only @twitter could limit Larry Stone to 140 characters! @elvwines #amazingfeat #SommChat

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): I love #SommChat

@SommelierSara (Sara Fasolino): Pretty excited about having The Sorcerer on our fall WBG program #SommChat @elvwines – look forward to working with you.

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @SommelierSara @keepercoll. Thank you Sara, Sorcerer is nod to provence…hope you enjoy it! #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): @elvwines I’ll be in Bordeaux in 2 wks (pinch me). Already have some appts, but is there anywhere that’s a must c I can pop in 2 c #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@1337wine @KeepreColl Unfortunately, you can “pop in” almost nowhere in Bordeaux that is worth seeing… #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): @elvwines @1337wine @KeepreColl thanks. have appts with about 9 chateaux throughout the AOC. #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@1337wine @KeeperColl You can try to get an appt. at Pichon Lalande, Palmer, Letour, & Lynch Bages #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): @elvwines @KeepreColl I’ll try some of those. Thanks! Already have one with Pichon-Longueville. Latour turned me down #SommChat

@drewhendricksms (Drew Hendricks): Larry and a few others truly paved the way for our profession and we should all be grateful! #SommChat @elvwines

@fernandobeteta (Fernando Beteta, MS): YES RT @drewhendricksms: Larry and a few others truly paved the way for our profession and we should all be grateful! #SommChat @elvwines

@WineTheory (Justin Harriman): @elvwines @tuckb @keepercoll Can’t stay. I just wanted to say hi and thanks for doing #SommChat for us. #Cheers #WineFriendsAreTheBest

@angrysomm (rob renteria): Hi Larry, Robco. #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @angrysomm @keepercoll. Check in with me at the after this! #SommChat

@TexasWineGuy (William): @elvwines thoughts on cellar yeast influence on fruit grown outside the AOC location of cellar. #SommChat

@TexasWineGuy (William): @elvwines ie. NSG producer fermenting Chambolle, Jadot fermenting in Beaune, etc… #terroiryeasts #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @TexasWineGuy @keepercoll a difficult question to answer in 140 characters. too many factors to discuss, great question! #SommChat

@AtoZinfandel (Kay Zink): joined 1st time a bit late so excited #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @AtoZinfandel @keepercoll Great to have you #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @ELVWines What’s different in American #winemaking btwn when you started w/ Rubicon & Sirita in 90’s versus w/ ELV today? #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl Definition of ripeness in ’90s moved progressively toward later harvests & riper grapes… #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl …with sugars that would’ve been considered too high, flavors too raisiny & acids too low in ’80s & earlier #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl … #wines were immediately fruity & soft, like berry pie-didn’t need to be explained to drink or aged b4 drinking #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl Yet, these wines were rewarded with great press & ever-higher prices… #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl …This was true of wines in Eur, AU, & US, esp. Napa Valley, but also Zinfandel & Pinot Noir #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl #Winemaking has progressed. Higher standard of qlty & better grasp of methods for producing #wine & growing grapes #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl I think viticulture will find a way 2 develop ripe flavors & find a harmonious middle pt of ripeness vs balance #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl Balance is a keyword publicized by friend Rajat Parr, @RN74. He had a conference based on idea of balance #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl I do believe that we will return to less extreme #wines… #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl …but doubt return to wines of past- picked on deg. brix of sugar & grps still green, herbaceous & bitter phenolics #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl Trend now -find wines that’ve developed ripe flvrs & complex phenolics w/o too much herbal or leafy character… #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl Trend now – Find #wines more integrated in acidity & freshness, more moderate in use of oak… #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl Trend now -find #wines that taste more like the place where grown- not by who made them & what barrel they were in #SommChat

@wolfeswines (Jeffrey Wolfe): Preach the gospel !RT @elvwines: Trend now-Find #wines more integrated in acidity & freshness, more moderate in use of oak.#SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @ELVWines When you eat in a new restaurant, what do you look for on the #wine list? Do you ever ask the Somm for suggestions? #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl Always!! ask the Somm. How do U know what food is going to be like & how it’ll go w/ #wines better than the Somm? #SommChat

@demilove (Douglas Trapasso): @elvwines – Best first steps for those considering wine as 2nd career? #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @demilove @keeercoll How can it be a 2nd career? Wine should always come first! #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @demilove @keepercoll hard to keep a 1st job while getting in to wine, 1st step find a good wine shop that has lots of tastings #SommChat

@AtoZinfandel (Kay Zink): @demilove. @keepercoll. 2nd step at that wine shop, then get mojo going and teach a class #SommChat

@VinoCaPisco (Countess Rose Perry): .@elvwines What is the most unusual food (under $10) and wine (over $20) pairing you’ve successfully done? @keepercoll #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@VinoCaPisco @keepercoll Sure! Buttered popcorn with 10 year aged CA #Chardonnay from Grgich Hills #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): @elvwines @VinoCaPisco @keepercoll haha…good one! #SommChat

@VinoCaPisco (Countess Rose Perry): RT @elvwines: .@VinoCaPisco @keepercoll Sure! Buttered popcorn with 10 year aged CA #Chardonnay from Grgich Hills #SommChat *yum!*

@theleftoverchef (Loren Root): q: @elvwines where can we find your wines in TX? @keepercoll #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): .@theleftoverchef @keepercoll Reach out to @PurpleCowgrl – she can tell you! We are represented by Pioneer #SommChat

@PurpleCowgrl (Natalie Vaclavik): Contact me Ill let you know RT @theleftoverchef q: @elvwines where can we find your wines in TX? @keepercoll #SommChat

@amberdemure (amberdemure): do you plan on adding any other varietals to the mix in the near future? @elvwines @keepercoll #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @amberdemure.@keepercoll. We have our hands full with Pinot, Chard, and Gamay, plus the table and the sorcerer #SommChat

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): I know it’s not an @elvwines wine, but I’m finishing off @Whitehalllane 2005 Reserve Cab in prep for an early bday pasta lunch:) #SommChat

@alawine (Ken ? #wine): bummer, missing #SommChat today, but catching up with @elvwines @trouty @1337wine @drewhendricksms @jennanorth @keepercoll

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Q. @ELVWines Are there any #winemaking techniques traditional to #Burgundy that ELV is using in the US #vineyards? #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl We use traditional methods in all #wines made in Oregon, overseen by Dominique Lafon & made by Isabelle Meunier #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl We use traditional methods in wines made in #Burgundy, also overseen by Dominique Lafon but made by Christophe Vial #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl The whole team is very sensitive & talented & on the same page entirely with each other in #Oregon & #Burgundy #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl In California we have had a more experimental #winemaker with Sashi Moorman #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A @KeeperColl Sashi uses techniques learned from Adam Tolmach & others in #CentralCoast, like extended maceration b4 fermentation #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl We see Oregon similar to #Burgundy in climate & timing of impt stages in growing season, like flowering & veraison #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): A. @KeeperColl Oregon’s cool & short growing time w/ quicker time from veraison 2 harvest+periodic rain even in summer=Burgundy #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Time to wrap up! We hope you enjoyed this packed hr of #wine expertise from Larry Stone @ELVwines! Wish it could go on for days! #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): It was truly an honor to have Master #Sommelier Larry Stone join us today for #SommChat. Please join me in thanking @ELVwines for his time!

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): If any1 missed some of the chat today, remember we’ll post an archive soon to for you to review later #SommChat

@BajaWines (Baja Wines): Great #SommChat Thanks @elvwines

@alawine (Ken ? #wine): thank you @WineTheory @tricerapops @VinoCaPisco @Sassodoro @fernandobeteta @wolfeswines for helping me catch up with #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Join us next Wed 9/14 11 AM CST for a “Best in Texas” edition with recent Texas’ Best Sommelier winner, @BillElsey #TEXSOM #SommChat

@Sassodoro (Sassodoro): Many thanks! RT @keepercoll: It was truly an honor to have MS Larry Stone join #SommChat. Pls join me in thanking @ELVwines for his time!

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Get your #wine questions answered by one of Texas’ most aspiring #Sommeliers, @BillElsey! #SommChat

@ELVwines (Evening Land): @keepercoll. Great to chat with you all, I hope I was able to answered all your questions in 140 characters…. #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): If u want to be 100% sure ur #SommChat Q gets answered, post it to FB & we’ll be sure it gets asked! Happy #WW!

@1337wine (Mark V. Fusco, CSW): Nice to pop in for a bit. I won’t be able to be here next week. I’m working the mid shift #SommChat

@alawine (Ken ? #wine): thank you @TexasWineGuy @SommelierSara @tonyv619 @i_on_food_drink @YNchick @demilove @travisgoff for helping me catch up with #SommChat

@PurpleCowgrl (Natalie Vaclavik): Thank you @keepercoll if anyone needs more information about ELV wines please contact me at Cheers! #SommChat

@TexasWineGuy (William): @elvwines @keepercoll thanks Larry! Pleasure to chat with you. #SommChat

@VinoCaPisco (Countess Rose Perry): Thanks! Grazie! Merci! For your time & knowledge @elvwines cc @keepercoll #SommChat

@alawine (Ken ? #wine): thank you @JDewps @tenzingws @MattReiser @angrysomm @Champagnewhit @tuckb @theleftoverchef for helping me catch up with #SommChat

@KeeperColl (Keeper Collection): Enjoyed it RT @PurpleCowgrl: Ty @keepercoll if any1 needs info abt ELV wines pls contact me at Cheers! #SommChat

@AtoZinfandel (Kay Zink): Thanks so much everyone #SommChat

@StephanieMiskew (Stephanie Miskew): Fabulous #SommChat today with Larry Stone @ELVwines, looking forward to next week featuring recent Texas’ Best…

@alawine (Ken ? #wine): “If any1 missed some of the chat today …we’ll post an archive soon to for you to review…” RT @keepercoll #SommChat

@i_on_food_drink (Irene L): Thanks @keepercoll for #SommChat – it was great to be able to follow along with @ELVwines – such a great & approachable teacher.