Keeper Collection - Gambas & Langostinos at Cal Pep

Cal Pep Restaurant -- Barcelona Part II

The Keeper Team had heard great things about Cal Pep and wanted to eat there while in Barcelona. We were challenged, as the restaurant was going to close for vacation during most of our time in Barcelona, and we were unable to get a table reservation for the one day we could go for lunch or dinner. Undeterred, the Keeper Team decided to arrive in advance of the 1:00 p.m. opening time and stand in line, hoping to score a few spots at the first-come, first-serve sixteen-seat lunch counter.

Keeper Collection -Jamón Ibérico at Cal Pep

Jamón Ibérico, Manchego Cheese, and Fried Artichoke Hearts

Next came a Tuna Tartare with Parsley and Sesame Seeds. This was served with Toasted Bread with EVOO drizzled on the plate. It was so fresh and had a slight hint of citrus. It was so good that the bread was not necessary. We thought this dish was probably the best tuna tartare we have been served anywhere in the world the Keeper Team has travelled!

Keeper Collection - Tuna Tartare at Cal Pep

Tuna Tartare with Parsley and Sesame Seeds

Then came Spinach & Garbanzos, a traditional dish in southern Spain.

Keeper Collection - Spinach & Garbanzos at Cal Pep

Spinach and Garbanzos

We also sampled a dish typical to the Barcelona area – bread rubbed with tomato and drizzled with EVOO. Again good, but not as good as the presentation at Arola (Keeper blog, Barcelona Part I) because we felt it lacked in garlic.

Then came clams, steamed in wine, with bits of what appeared to be pork lardon and shallot.

Keeper Collection - Clams at Cal Pep


A plate of fried seafood (“frito misto”) came out next. The mixture included baby flounder, sardines, shrimp, and squid. Wow, so fresh and so flavorful!

Keeper Collection - Frito Misto at Cal Pep

“Frito Misto” or Fried Mixed Seafood

We then sampled another typical local dish – roasted Padrón peppers. The peppers were mild and savory, and we ate the entire pepper without fear of the seeds.

Keeper Collection - Grilled Padrón Peppers at Cal Pep

Grilled Padrón Peppers

The final dishes presented were Gambas & Langostinos. This was a lovely finish to our savory meal.

Keeper Collection - Gambas & Langostinos at Cal Pep

Gambas and Langostinos

Our server insisted that we finish with a dessert of Lemon Foam called Espuma. It was clean and a delightful finish.

Keeper Collection - Espuma Dessert at Cal Pep


The Keeper Team thoroughly enjoyed lunch at Cal Pep, which proved the old adage that good things indeed come to those who wait! If we lived in Barcelona, the Keeper Team would go to Cal Pep often.